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Portal Creation is the magical ability to create portals to other locations, worlds or planes. Portals come in a great variety, as their function and appearance depend on the user.

List of UsersEdit

The Charmed OnesEdit

  • The Charmed Ones would sometimes create portals when vanquishing demons. These portals banished demons mostly to Purgatory.

The Tall ManEdit

  • The Tall Man could swallow beings and entire worlds and imprison them inside his body forever or teleport them to another location.[1]


The Source of All EvilEdit

Cole TurnerEdit


  • By using a pendant that they wear, Valkyries could create a portal that would take them anywhere they want.[6]

Angel of DeathEdit

  • Creates portals to take the souls over to the afterlife.[7]


  • Create portals as short-cuts to the sewers.[8]

The Evil EnchantressEdit

  • Created a portal through a spell to go to the future and go back as well.[9]

Zen MasterEdit

  • The Zen Master and his disciples, An Ling and Yen Lo were able to use water as a portal to other worlds. As long as there was a sufficiently large surface of water between where they located currently to where they wanted to go they could use these portals go anywhere.[10]


  • The time-travelling spirit Clyde was able to conjure and door that had a portal that would send people either to the future or the past.[11]


  • This Witch created a portal and used a fire-like power to push an Angel of Destiny into it. She said she didn't know where the portal lead to, but hoped it was somewhere unpleasant.[12]

The EldersEdit

  • The Elders possess this power as a collective, and can even use it to send people backward and forward in time.[13]

The SeerEdit


  • Avatars also possess this power, and can use it to send people back in time.[15]


  • Libris demons also have the power to create portals, which they used to capture their victims or launch a surprise attack.[16]

Tyler MichaelsEdit

  • Tyler now recently finding out he is an Archai he can now create portals to go to all planes of existences.

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