Body Insertion
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Put a person into another's mind


hand gesture




Supportive Power


Body Insertion is the ability to insert a person into someone else's body with the wave of a hand. The only known beings to possess this power are Cupids.


When this power is used, a pink haze covers the victim and instantly transport them into someone else's body. The possessor can later separate the two beings with a wave of a hand.

If the victim is magical in nature, they will be able to use their powers through the person they are inhabiting. They can also teach the person who's body they're in, to use their power.

Also, the person who's body is being inhabited, will only see the reflection of the person that's in their head. Being joined together for a long period of time can lead to bad consequences such as loud speech causing headaches. The results of Body Insertion is highly similar to those of the Body Switching Spell.



Coop removing Paige from Henry's head

After Paige Matthews worries about losing herself in her marriage to Henry Mitchell, she seeks advice and help from Coop. With a wave of his hand, Paige is magically transferred into Henry's mind. When Henry would look in a mirror he would see Paige.

Paige retained her powers while in Henry's mind and Henry could channel them. However, since Paige was in his head, the Power of Three would not work. Coop then separated the married couple.

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