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Advanced Electrokinesis
Power Information

Shoot extremely powerful beam-like blasts of electricity


Anger, Concentration




Offensive Power


Advanced Electrokinesis is the ability to shoot extremely powerful beams of concentrated electricity. This is an advanced form of Electrokinesis. The Charmed Ones used this power in their battle against the Ultimate Power after taking in the Hollow. This is the only known instance where this power was used.


While against the Ultimate Battle, the Charmed Ones, who were working with Nomed and Zohar, found out that Billie and Christy were about to summon the Hollow to vanquish them. The sisters then decided to summon it as well, resulting in it splitting and infecting both the Power of Three and the Ultimate Power. After summoning it, both set of sisters finally confront each other though the Charmed Ones first use this power to vanquish the Triad for good. Billie and Christy used a powerful form of Fire Throwing, while the Charmed Ones used Advanced Electrokinesis. The collision of these powers resulted in a huge explosion which destroyed the manor.[1] In the revised timeline, the two sets of sisters fired at each other, but a Piper from the future, Grams and Patty from the past arrived and banished the Hollow, causing the two attacks to fizzle out before the explosion could happen.



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